Why Remedy Couldn’t Wait

We all know that healthcare is broken.

The ridiculously high deductible that you know you’ll never meet…
The uncertain cost of that late night trip to the ER…
The primary care doc you’d like to see who is all booked up for a month…

All of this can be painful and difficult to navigate, so we felt we had to do something.

Remedy was created to answer some of the biggest pain points in healthcare with 5 innovative solutions that we all need.

Five things we believe simply can’t wait:

1. Quality – Your health and family’s health are precious. When your child is running a 102 temperature, you need  advice and solutions to make it better.  The reason we became doctors is because we want to be there with excellent expert care to help you figure out what’s going on and how to make it better.  Working in both traditional emergency/urgent care for years we know there is a big difference in the quality of care we can provide showing up to the place that people live or work rather than seeing patients in 15 minute blocks from a tiny room.

2. Convenience – What’s that? Your primary care doc is full today? And tomorrow?  You are too busy to drive around looking for an open clinic or go sit in an urgent care waiting room for hours. That’s why we bring the care to you. It just doesn’t get any more convenient than that.

3. Transparency – No one knows what their healthcare will cost anymore. Can you imagine driving to the airport to fly to L.A. and honestly having no idea what it would cost? Will it be $100 or $1,000?  That is in many ways where healthcare is at these days.  But not with Remedy. We publish our prices online for all to see.


4. Access –  As doctors we realized that our friends and neighbors enjoyed easy access to doctors…meaning, us!  They were so thankful to be able to just pop over or call to ask a question. We thought, “Hey, wouldn’t it be great if everyone had that kind of access?” When you call Remedy, a real person answers rather than an automated phone menu with twenty options.  And, we are also available on chat at our website and via email and social media.  The same ways you reach out to your friends, you can reach out to us.

5. Trust – Our doctors and PA’s are board-certified and specialists in urgent and emergency care.  We have pediatricians, family practitioners, ER docs, and skilled physician assistants (all of whom you can read about on our here).  When you call Remedy, you know that you are going to get an experienced and compassionate provider that you can trust.

We believe that healthcare was overdue for a happy disruption.  A new way of doing things that’s focused on you!

The healthcare you want has arrived.




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