When to Go to Urgent Care for Cough

When to Go to Urgent Care for Cough: Our Guide

”Cough, cough, cough!”. Uh-oh! You may have what’s commonly known as a lingering cough. While the cause of your cough may be due to everything from allergies, to the common cold, to a case of strep throat; you’ll want to determine exactly what is going on ASAP, right? With our excellent telemedicine and housecall doctor services, you’ll find your cough to be nothing more but a distant memory soon enough. The pain, frustration, and feelings of being plain old sick will be gone before you know it and you’ll be on your way to healthier pastures. Read on to discover more about how with the help of Remedy’s excellent medical care, your lingering cough will be out of your system and you’ll be able to enjoy your life to the fullest once again.

Is Your Cough Becoming Worse?

If your cough is worsening over time, you may be coming down with something much more serious than just a mere casual cough. Some of the conditions you’ll want to be evaluated for range from bronchitis to pneumonia. Now we’re not saying you have these conditions by any means, it’s just simply better to be safe rather than sorry when it comes to a lingering cough which just won’t go away. We’ll be sure to evaluate your cough to the fullest extent and order any special examinations or referrals necessary.

Is There Rattling in Your Chest?

Rattling in the chest usually points to bronchitis or pneumonia. If you’re just now noticing these symptoms, it’s good you’re addressing them urgently. These symptoms can progress quite rapidly if ignored, so it’s best you schedule an appointment with us to be thoroughly evaluated for any and all conditions related to bronchitis or pneumonia. Rattling in the chest can not only be annoying, it can be downright painful, so why wait any longer with the hope the symptoms will clear up on their own? Be proactive and book an appointment using the button below.

Is Your Cough Limiting Your Daily Activities?

If your cough is affecting your quality of life and limiting your daily activities, you’ll want to learn more about how we can best help you and resolve your coughing issue. Nobody should have to deal with a chronic cough and there are so many ways to go about preventing chronic cough in the future. Some of these ways to reduce chronic cough consist of the following:

  • Simply going outside to breathe in fresh air
  • Quitting smoking if you happen to be a smoker
  • Exercising daily to pump your lungs full of air at a rapid pace
  • Practice breathing exercises, not only to increase lung capacity and efficiency, but also for stress-relief purposes as well
  • Choosing Remedy for Your Urgent Care for Cough!

    If you’re tired of dealing with your chronic cough, take charge of your health today by requesting an appointment to be seen by one of our excellent medical professionals. Our telemedicine medical professionals are available 24/7-365 within the states of Texas and California. Our housecall doctors are available 8am-8pm. Whichever option you choose, you’ll be sure to find Remedy will be able to help. Book an appointment below and see how we’re changing the world of urgent care!

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