What is Urgent Care Used For?

What is Urgent Care Used For?: Our Guide

Urgent care has become synonymous with many of the medical care facilities sprawling across major cities, all across the United States. There are many definitions of an urgent care center, yet the most common is a medical facility where it’s not quite a full-scale emergency room, yet it’s also not quite a band-aid solution. It simply lies in the middle of the spectrum somewhere in most cases and with Remedy, we’re offering a whole new way to experience urgent care; directly from your home or computer. How great is that? We think so too! Read on to learn more all about the benefits of choosing remedy over other urgent care centers and see why so many have so much to say about our expanding business model!

Best Uses for Remedy’s Urgent Care

Remedy’s telemedicine and housecall doctor services can be used for nearly any ailment, illness, or injury, yet there are areas of medicine where it’s much easier to properly diagnose the condition based on visual symptoms alone. These conditions may consist of conjunctivitis (pink eye), STIs, rashes, etc… We always encourage our users to try us out for nearly anything which may be bothering them and we’ll always refer you to an expert specialist if needed for further examination.

Urgent Care for Injuries

If you’ve injured yourself, we at Remedy are here to help! We can either diagnose you through our telemedicine feature or through our housecall doctor visits. Either way, you’ll be properly diagnosed, treated, and sent on your way to healing as soon as possible. You may be asking how we go about diagnosing injuries and this is a great question! We often go through the process of visually examining what is going on, then proceed to ask you a series of related questions to rule out any other conditions you may have, and then we’ll often ask for movement tests (if you’re injured) to best ensure you’re not in worse shape than we expected. From there, we may request either x-rays or an MRI to best visualize what’s the matter at hand. Altogether, your injury diagnosis and treatment will be a breeze and we’ll be able to have you back on your feet and out there having fun in no time!

Urgent Care for Illnesses

Illnesses tend to run higher during the winter months than other months throughout the year. This is primarily due to us as human beings tending to hibernate indoors when colder weather comes about. As we begin to experience more and more time indoors, the chances of becoming sick increases as fresh air, sunlight, and exercise is limited during this period and crucial for a healthy immune system. If you’ve noticed you’re coming down with something nasty, you’ll want to request either a housecall doctor visit or a telemedicine session with one of our medical experts. They’ll be able to help with your urgent care needs while you never have to leave the house. Amazing, right? Right!

Choosing Remedy for Your Urgent Care Needs in Texas & California

If you’ve been searching and searching for an urgent care provider where you simply do not have to leave your home and go into a brick-and-mortar urgent care with other sick people, you’re at the right place! Feel free to book an appointment using the button below and all you’ll have to do is fill out a few details about yourself and wait up to a few minutes. From there, you’ll be seen by a telemedicine doctor who will be able to diagnose and treat you accordingly. All of this is completed in typically less than ten minutes. Spectacular, right? Yes, it is. We look forward to hearing from you soon and having you back to health as soon as possible!

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