Urgent Care Prices for Uninsured

Urgent Care Prices for Uninsured: Our Guide

Are you worried if you don’t have insurance, you won’t be able to be seen by one of our amazing medical professionals here at Remedy? Well, no need to worry! We’re more than willing to see our valued patients, with or without insurance. For the affordable prices of just $49 for a telemedicine visit or a mere $179 for a housecall doctor visit, you can be well on your way to health and wellness in no time. Read on to learn more about how we’ve been able to transform the urgent care industry with our innovative approach to telemedicine, housecall doctors, and urgent care altogether.

Same-Day House Calls: Just $179

Yes, you read that correctly. Our same-day housecall doctor visits are only $179. Taking comfort in your own home and being examined and prescribed an appropriate treatment all in one visit is amazing. No longer do you have to wait around for a doctor within a stuffy office, we’ll bring the doctor to you! Our process is quite simple. You sign up for an account here at Remedy (only a few steps), from there, you’ll provide a brief description of your symptoms and within typically an hour’s time, a highly-qualified medical professional will be at your door. The operating hours of our housecall doctor staff consists of 8am-8pm, so if you need urgent care attention outside of those hours, be sure to read more about our telemedicine services below.

Telemedicine, On-Demand Video Visits: Just $49

If you want 24/7-365, high-quality care all through the web; you’ll want to try out our telemedicine services. Our excellent medical professionals are eager to help you recover from nearly any illness, ailment, or injury you may be suffering from. The sign-up process is easy as can be and you’ll typically be seen by one of our amazing medical professionals in just a few minutes.

Choosing Remedy for Affordable & Effective Urgent Care

If you’ve been searching for affordable and effective urgent care to meet you and your family’s needs, Remedy is one of the best options! Feel free to schedule an appointment using the button below and you’ll be connected to a medical professional who will be able to diagnose and prescribe treatment within mere minutes. We look forward to hearing from you soon and welcoming you to the Remedy platform!

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