Urgent Care for Veterans

Urgent Care for Veterans: Our Remedy

Veterans have always supported us through battle and victory, so we should definitely support them in their times of need when they require urgent care. Remedy is a strong supporter of our troops and we’re always here for you as a former service member when you need us most. Read on to learn how you as a veteran can take advantage of our excellent housecall doctor and telemedicine services, right here, from the team of experts at Remedy.

Veterans Need Our Support

As a veteran, we know you may rely on programs and services to keep you healthy and fit post-service. We believe in treating all patients with excellent care and want you to know you can always seek out medical care through Remedy 24/7 via our telemedicine platform in the states of Texas and California. You may also request a housecall doctor visit through our platform between the hours of 8am-8pm if you happen to reside in the greater areas of Austin or San Antonio.

Serving Those Who Serve

We take great pride and honor in providing medical service to those who so fearlessly fight for our freedom, liberties, and values. We want you to know if you’re searching for urgent care as a veteran, we have your back. Promoting health and wellness from our company to those who have had our back for so many years is the least we can do.

Ensuring the Health of Our Country’s Finest

Ensuring health of veterans is something which certainly needs a brighter light shone upon it. Veteran health cases are unique in the sense they can be the result of conflict, battle, and trauma. We’re here to help successfully treat or refer you to the proper specialist in a timely, efficient, and effective fashion.

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If you’re searching for urgent care for veterans, we’re here for you! Feel free to book an appointment using the button below and we’ll be sure to have you seen through our telemedicine portal, our housecall Doctor program, or via our brick-and-mortar locations. Whichever you choose, just know we at Remedy truly care about our veterans and want to treat your ailment, condition, or illness as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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