Urgent Care for Pink Eye

Urgent Care for Pink Eye: Our Remedy

Pink eye, or medically known as conjunctivitis, is most commonly a bacterial infection which affects the mucous membranes of the eye. This condition can range from being mildly annoying to downright visually impairing depending on the severity of one’s symptoms. Read on to learn more about our urgent care for pink eye solutions and how we at Remedy can help!

Pink Eye Causes

Pink eye is most commonly caused by bacteria exposure to the eye itself through touching a contaminated object or area and then proceeding to rub your eye. This may be an unconscious action too as most of us have a naturally itchy eye from time to time and it’s important we do address said itch, but be wary and careful to always wash your hands prior to doing so.

Pink Eye Symptoms

The first onset of symptoms will be a phlegm/booger style layer of pus at the base of your eyelid connecting to your eyeball. This pus will appear yellow to green and may move when you gently press against your lower eyelid. When you wake up the next morning, your eye may have already started some of the healing work naturally. What we mean by this is your eye is constantly working to excrete foreign objects, dust, debris, etc… and this bacterial infection is no different. You may wake up with a hardened booger-like substance over your eye preventing you from opening your eye fully. While yes, this can be extremely frightening if you’ve never experienced this condition before, don’t worry, you’re not blind; just slightly impaired for the moment.

How We Treat Pink Eye

How we at Remedy treat pink eye is we focus on the severity of your pink eye case and proceed from there. Sometimes, your pink eye may clear up on its own naturally, which is fantastic. Other times, it may require some medical intervention and this is where we come in to help save the day. Our housecall doctors or our telemedicine medical professionals will evaluate your pink eye condition and prescribe the proper course of antibiotic drops to help expedite healing of your eye(s), because nobody wants to suffer from pink eye any longer than they have to. From there, we’ll be sure to be available for any recurring cases if it decides to return. Otherwise, you’ll most likely be good to go once we’ve remedied your conjunctivitis condition.

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