Urgent Care for Hernia

Urgent Care for Hernia: Our Guide

Hernias are something you would most likely never wish on your own worst enemy. Yes, they’re that bad in some cases and can cause other conditions to arise as well through a butterfly effect of sorts where you may find yourself limited in the activities you can perform, the foods you eat, and even the way you sit and stand. Hernias are nothing to mess around with and can be life-altering if not treated efficiently and effectively. For this reason, and many more, it’s vital you have your hernia condition be examined by an excellent medical professional and be on your way to better days where you don’t have to work around the hernia itself. If you’re searching for “urgent care for hernia”, you’ll want to read on to discover how Remedy is able to help with your diagnosis and treatment.

”Should I Go to Urgent Care for My Hernia?”

You should always seek medical attention ASAP if you believe you’ve encountered the painful and sometimes dangerous condition of a hernia. We at Remedy will do our best to properly assess and diagnose your condition, yet we’ll most likely refer you to a specialist to best examine and treat the potential hernia condition. This is primarily due to the intricacies involved in a hernia. There are many ways you can cause a hernia, yet the most common is from repeated straining or lifting an excruciatingly heavy object. Both of these actions cause a large amount of pressure to build up in the lower abdomen area, thus resulting in a bulge of sorts from either an organ or fatty tissue in a weakened area of the abdomen. This is sometimes felt immediately, or delayed for years, and will most likely be very painful. If you experience something similar to what we’ve described, contact us or your nearest medical professional immediately. The sooner you resolve this issue, the better!

How We Properly Diagnose Your Hernia

We’ll typically go about by visually examining the abdomen area for any new, protruding lumps or bumps which indicate a hernia itself is present. However, there may be no visual signs available and we’ll have to order an MRI to further examine what is exactly going on inside of you. An MRI will be able to properly visualize your internal organs and tissues to best indicate if you do indeed have a hernia condition.

Referring You to a Specialist for Further Analysis & Examination

If you have a hernia, we’ll most certainly refer you to a specialist who can recommend the next best steps. Most commonly, you’ll find the appropriate next course of action is to monitor the hernia to see if it improves on its own over the next few weeks. If not, corrective surgery will most likely be the next best choice. This will typically consist of a surgical repair where the abdominal wall is strengthened with a modification of the wall itself to close off any gaps or areas where the intestines can protrude through. Another option, typically for more severe cases, is to place a layer of medical-grade, sterile mesh along the abdomen wall. This will support the abdomen wall even more than your own tissue. This is something you’ll discuss with your surgeon should you need to go down this route.

Choosing Remedy for Your Hernia Urgent Care

If you believe you’ve been recently affected by a hernia, or you’ve had one for years and it’s just now starting to flare up again; you’ll want to contact us using the button below. You’ll find our housecall and telemedicine medical professionals to be top-notch and willing to help in any way they can. We look forward to hearing from you soon and having you back on track to health as soon as possible!

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