Urgent Care for Food Poisoning

Urgent Care for Food Poisoning: Our Guide

food poisoning is one of those illnesses you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. The pain, vomiting, and flu-like symptoms are enough to make cause you to truly ponder why you decided to eat at that new “fusion restaurant” after all of the bad reviews said not to. Well, whether you ate bad food from a restaurant or simply prepared food and left it out for a little too long within your very own home; we at Remedy have the solutions for you! Read on to learn more about what causes food poisoning, how you recover from food poisoning, and how Remedy is here around the clock to help you bounce back from what are most likely some of the darkest days you’ve had to deal with in a while. Enjoy!

How Do You Get Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is most commonly acquired from ill-prepared food. This can mean food which is left out at room temperature for far too long and then served to unknowing customers. It can also mean food which is not cooked properly and served raw. It can also mean food which is contaminated with harmful bacteria such as E. Coli or listeria. The list goes on, yet you most likely understand the gist of this whole food poisoning business by now. It all comes down to the fact somebody messed up somewhere along the line between the times of the food being prepared and you eating said food. More often than not, you’ll most likely never suspect anything is terribly wrong with the food until you’re becoming best friends later on in the evening with the toilet and bucket.

How Do You Recover from Food Poisoning?

Now we know the reasons why food poisoning occurs, what can we do about it? Well, the majority of individuals who encounter food poisoning will often be able to rid the nasty bacteria, viruses, or parasites from their bodies through natural means. Yes, the reason why you’re vomiting and having diarrhea is due to your body’s natural detection of foreign bacteria, viruses, and parasites attempting to set up shop in your gut. It’s a good thing you’re expelling all of the nastiness the earlier restaurant served you. If your body didn’t rid your system of it in due time, you may not survive to tell your friends about what happened over the weekend.

Okay, so what can you do about food poisoning other than suffer in the corner of your bedroom? We’re glad you asked. One of the best things you can do for your expedited recovery with food poisoning is to simply rest, rehydrate, and relax. Yes, you’ll most likely feel absolutely awful for up to 72 hours, yet you’ll be on your way to a full recovery in the majority of food poisoning cases. If you’re not recovered after the three day period, you’ll want to ensure you immediately seek medical attention; either from us here at Remedy or at your local hospital. We want to ensure you’re not prolonging a much more serious case of food poisoning and possibly causing it to become worse by not addressing it properly. We’ll most likely recommend hospitalization if you haven’t improved over the course of a few days due to the loss of fluids. A simple IV solution to rehydrate and restore lost fluids can do wonders to help your system bounce back and recover from whatever terrible food you consumed, not knowing it would lead to your temporary demise.

Choosing Remedy for Your Food Poisoning Recovery!

We know you want immediate relief from your food poisoning, so you’ll want to contact us by clicking on the button below and you’ll typically see us within just a few minutes. How great is that? We think so too! We’ll only need a few basic details about yourself and your condition to recommend the appropriate treatment plan and start a course of action to have you restored back to health as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon and having this horrible case of food poisoning be a soon forgotten, distant memory!

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