Urgent Care for Broken Toe

Urgent Care for Broken Toe: Our Guide

”Ow!” you may have said after dropping something on your toe, stubbing your toe, or injuring your toe somehow during exercise or sports. However you may have hurt your toe, it’s important to remember that while yes, the pain may be excruciating, there’s often a very easy remedy to most broken toe conditions. Read on to learn more about how we at Remedy are able to help properly diagnose, treat, and have you healed up from your broken toe condition as soon as possible.

Preventing Toe Injuries in the First Place

Wearing proper footwear to prevent toe injuries is crucial if you’re going to be engaging in higher risk activities. Construction workers for example should always choose to wear steel-toed boots to prevent toe injuries if something happens to drop on their toe area. Just as well, you should choose to wear closed-toe shoes if you’re working in industries such as food service, sporting activities, or really anything where your precious toes are susceptible to injury. Prevention is key to minimizing most medical injuries in the first place. Stretching, proper hydration, and in this case; closed-toe shoes to minimize the chances of a broken toe.

Resolving Your Toe Injury ASAP

So you’ve possibly broken your toe, now what? Well, we’re glad you asked! The “buddy system” is a tried and true method to helping a broken toe heal from some terribly painful toe injuries. It primarily consists of taping your broken toe to the more supportive toe next to it. This provides stability, support, and pain relief over time Now, before we embark on utilizing the buddy system to its fullest extent, we’re going to want to properly x-ray your foot and toe area to see if your toe is actually broken and if it is, just how bad is the break? After we’ve ordered x-rays and everything comes back normal in the realm of broken toes, we’ll be sure to refer you to a specialist who can further assist with mending and repairing your broken toe. The process of taping your toes is quite easy once a medical professional properly demonstrates how to do so.

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