Urgent Care Costs

Urgent Care Costs: Our Guide

Urgent care costs will continue to rise and rise, year after year. This is a problem due to the fact many people do not see the same inflationary effects with their salaries or wages. Here at Remedy, we focus on providing our patients with a high-quality level of care via telemedicine and housecall doctors. Our prices are much more affordable than other urgent care centers thanks to our reduced overhead. Read on to learn more about why urgent care is so expensive and why you should choose Remedy for your urgent care needs.

Why is Urgent Care So Expensive?

The main reasoning behind brick-and-mortar urgent care centers costing much more than our telemedicine and housecall doctor services is due to overhead. Overhead consists of everything from rent, utilities, extra staff, etc… These costs add up, and they add up quick. To offset these costs and still ensure profitability, brick-and mortar urgent care centers often need to increase prices much higher than our business model. Thankfully, we’re able to ensure high-quality, medical care via our low overhead and have the skills and expertise to diagnose and prescribe treatment efficiently and effectively.

Why Choose Remedy for Your Urgent Care?

Choosing Remedy as your urgent care provider will help,to reduce costs and if we are unable to provide a remedy for your illness, ailment, or injury; you don’t have to pay for services rendered. Yes, we’re serious. We believe in our service that much and we know you will too.

Selecting Remedy for Lower Urgent Care Costs

Avoid the long lines, high costs, and other sick people at urgent care centers in your Texas or California town and be well on your way to health via telemedicine and housecall doctors. Feel free to use the button below to sign up for our platform in just a few easy steps. We’ll be sure to have you seen by one of our amazing medical service providers and have you back to health as soon as possible!

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