The Flu Is Hanging Around This Year

Flu Season

Well, that flu season was crazy, huh? 

It seemed like for a while there, everyone you knew had the flu.  Schools closing, no doctor appointments available, Tamiflu running out. It was the worst. Thank goodness that’s over.

But is it?

Is the Flu Season Actually Over?

It’s true that influenza activity in the US peaked in February. Many things contributed to the bad flu season this year, most notable the H3N2 strain of Flu type A that circulated was not covered well by the vaccine. However, you may also have heard about Flu A’s little brother, Flu B.  The influenza virus comes in three varieties: A, B, and C. While Type B Flu tends to be less severe than A, it will still make you feel pretty lousy, and lands many people in the hospital.

We are now seeing more type B flu infections.

In fact, the CDC warned recently that the stage could be set for a second round of flu infections involving the B type. If you had flu already this year, and it was type A, you could still get it again unfortunately.

What are some things you can do?

  • If you have flu-like symptoms, call Remedy so you can be tested.  Don’t assume that just because flu cases are decreasing, you don’t have the flu.  Prompt diagnosis leads to earlier treatment, and less risk of infecting others.
  • Get a flu shot!  It’s not too late to get a shot for protection.  Even though the vaccine was only 25% effective against A this year, it’s close to 50% effective against type B.
  • Wash your hands, cover your cough and even if you already had the flu, just be aware that you could still get it again. (We hope you don’t, but if you do, give us a call!)