Six Urgent Care Services You Can Get in Your Own Home

1. IV Fluids

Ever found yourself in this situation? Your kids or spouse get the “stomach flu”, and you do everything in your power to keep from getting it. Religious hand washing, hand sanitizer pump bottles everywhere, Lysol on all the doorknobs and faucets.

But then, it hits you. You vomit all night long, and start seeing days lost in front you, work meetings, kids events, your friend’s birthday party.  

This is a perfect opportunity for Remedy to bring urgent care to you.  We can give you an IV in the comfort of your own home while you relax on your couch. Sure, you could sip on Pedialyte all day for two days. But wouldn’t you rather get tanked back up so you can just get on with your busy life?


2. Stitches

We’ve sewn up more lacerations than we can count. It’s fair to say that Remedy providers are pretty much pros at closing wounds. Whether you got a little aggressive slicing tomatoes in the kitchen, or your little one fell and busted their chin, Remedy is there for you. We can get to you in less time than it’d take to drive to an ER or Urgent Care and wait in line. In your own home or on a baseball field we can clean your wound with sterile supplies, numb it with lidocaine and close it up in no time at all.  And if you need a tetanus shot, we can give you that too.

And for kids, we have this great topical numbing agent to administer before we even give them their first shot.

“Doesn’t a wound need to be stitched in a hospital? Isn’t that cleaner?” No. In fact, it’s probably better to be treated elsewhere when you consider that the room you’ll be put in has been occupied by sick people all day.  Remedy creates a sterile field in your home using a prepackaged sterile wound closure pack.  We wash and clean the wound, and then use sterile instruments and sterile suture to close it.

Stitches just got a lot easier.

3. Strep tests and Other labs

Most people think a strep test is complicated. But, it’s not! It is about as simple as a home pregnancy test. The same goes for flu tests, blood glucose, and urinalysis. We carry all these and more with us in our Remedy cars. So we administer all of the tests that you’d get at the urgent care, right in the comfort of your own home.

Occasionally, we see a patient who needs some blood work. Well, that’s simple too. We draw your blood, and send it to our partner lab here in Austin. We get the results that same day. If cultures (throat or urine for example) need to be done, we can get those to our partner labs and get your results to you in a jiffy as well.

4. Radiology

“But I think my ankle could be broken. Shouldn’t I go to the ER?”

Maybe. It all depends on if there is any deformity. Is your foot pointing in a different direction? If so, you need to go the ER!  But if there is no visible deformity – only swelling and pain – then Remedy is a perfect solution.

We bring mobile radiology to you to take your x-ray.  Or if we examine your injury and realize that it needs more research we can send you to one of our partner radiology offices here in Austin for a non-emergent x-ray. This is much cheaper than radiology services in an ER.  Once examined Remedy can apply the appropriate splint for your break, give you crutches if needed, and refer you to orthopedics if necessary.  ERs charge a fortune for possible fractures and sprains.  When you call Remedy, your bill will end up being a few hundred dollars not a few thousand. (Studies show that ER expenses for these issues can be 700% more than urgent care).

Remedy-8 (1)

5. Prescriptions

Yes, we prescribe medicines! When they are needed of course. If you have an infection that needs antibiotics, Remedy providers will prescribe it for you.  

Once you are an established patients, you can call us and we can do telemedicine. Sometimes, we can prescribe a med just from the telemedicine call.  If you need a quick refill on something and can’t get in to see you doctor, call us. We can help you.

6. What about _________?

There are so many conditions which we could list which could be treated by Remedy in your own environment.  The bottom line: just call us and ask! You’d be surprised what we can handle. Are your ears plugged? We take care of that. Did your child stick a Lego up his nose? We can handle that too.  Bad boil that needs to be lanced?  We can do a procedure called “incision and drainage” or “I&D” and get you started on antibiotics.

If you are unsure, just give us a call. We’ll even let you talk to one of our docs on the phone to help you feel sure about the best place to get care.

Disclaimer: Every situation is unique, and you should consult with a medical provider for your particular situation. Nothing in this post should be construed to be advice for your particular situation without discussing with a physician.

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