For many common ailments, over-the-counter medications are enough to ease symptoms and keep us functioning well throughout the day. More serious issues and chronic conditions, however, need powerful medications that can only be prescribed by a doctor.

If you have no experience with telemedicine, you might assume it’s difficult to receive a prescription refill online, where a doctor isn’t physically there to write one for you. Remedy makes it easy—our medical professionals can refill your prescriptions via video consultation and send them to a pharmacy of your choice.

Who Needs Prescription Medications?

According to WebMD, 55% of American adults take at least one prescription medication, and those numbers are going up. There are countless illnesses and conditions, both long-term and temporary, that may require a prescription medication to treat.

Doctors commonly prescribe medications to treat long-term conditions like arthritis, high blood pressure, and osteoporosis. If you have a temporary condition such as a cold, flu, or back injury, you may also need prescription drugs to manage your symptoms.

The Problem with Traditional Prescription Refills

Many patients see multiple physicians regularly to manage their healthcare, and each doctor may prescribe a different medication. Some patients also visit urgent care providers when they have a medical issue and can't wait for an appointment with their regular doctors. Urgent care providers can prescribe medications as well.

Getting multiple prescriptions from multiple urgent care clinics or doctor’s offices may lead to problems. Sometimes medications that are beneficial and safe on their own create potentially dangerous side effects when combined with others.

Ideally, you would only refill prescriptions at a single pharmacy that has all your medications on file—this is the best way to protect yourself from harmful interactions. In addition, every physician you visit should have a complete list of the medications you take, whether they are prescriptions or over-the-counter solutions.

Why do so many people neglect these precautionary steps? A few reasons:


Most people would agree that the cost of prescription medications in the U.S. is out of control. The price of a medication can be dramatically different from one location to another, especially depending on your insurance. Some patients look for medications outside of their primary pharmacy to shop for better prices.


If you take various prescription and over-the-counter medications at the direction of multiple doctors, managing everything can become overwhelming quickly. Many people don't want to or can't afford to spend time sharing their medical history and medication list with a pharmacist.


Not everyone has convenient access to a single provider or care facility that can reliably treat every condition, leading people to seek medical advice and treatment from multiple physicians or pharmacies.

Remedy is Here to Help

If managing all your prescription refills is overwhelming, Remedy can help. One of the doctors in our provider network can review your current prescriptions online and send refill orders to the pharmacy of your choice electronically.* Having another physician review your list of prescriptions is one more way to protect yourself from harmful drug interactions.

It's not always easy to get in to see your regular doctor. If you have an illness, and over-the-counter options aren't working for you, you shouldn’t have to live in discomfort or risk more serious complications by waiting too long for an appointment. Remedy is a faster solution—you can schedule an on-demand video visit (available 24/7) or a same-day house call with one of our providers instead. All visits are covered by insurance, but they’re still affordable for those without it, and we’ll refund your money if you aren’t satisfied with our services.

We specialize in delivering time-tested medical care with all the advantages of modern technology, making doctor visits and prescription refill pickups easy, painless, and quick. Contact Remedy now to accelerate your next medication order.

*Please note that we are unable to fulfill prescriptions for Class C controlled substances.

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