Lab work, more formally known as clinical pathology, is an essential component of adequate healthcare. Clinical laboratories are on the same level as doctor’s offices and pharmacies in terms of their general importance to medicine. There are more than 250,000 certified labs in the United States, where over 12 billion lab tests are conducted each year.

Lab testing helps physicians make diagnoses, manage chronic illnesses, identify latent issues before they become worse, and monitor general health for their patients. Doctors typically write orders for their patients to get testing done at labs separate from their own facilities, but some lab work can be done at urgent care clinics.

Who Needs Lab Tests?

Lab testing should be part of every person’s regular medical care whether or not they have a specific condition. Blood tests are the most common form of lab work, but other issues can be identified by testing a patient’s urine or tissues. The most frequently ordered lab tests analyze or check for:

  • A1C and glucose (blood sugar)
  • Allergies and antibodies
  • Blood chemistry
  • Cholesterol level
  • Cultures
  • Hormones
  • Infectious diseases and STIs

Doctors use lab tests for both routine checkups and to diagnose serious medical issues. If you have a chronic condition like arthritis, diabetes, high cholesterol, or a blood disorder, blood tests are a standard part of your care. If you’re experiencing symptoms and your doctor doesn’t know why, they may order lab work to diagnose your condition and plan your course of treatment. Testing may also be necessary to monitor a medication’s effect on your body.

The Pitfalls of Traditional Lab Testing

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to get the lab tests they need. Most labs are completely separate facilities from the doctors’ offices where patients will actually go over their results, requiring multiple trips to multiple locations—with multiple bills. Insurance usually covers blood tests and other routine lab work, but for the uninsured, clinical tests are costly.

Remedy Can Help

Remedy’s goal is to make healthcare more convenient, affordable, and accessible for everyone. We can facilitate nearly all of the same lab services as an urgent care clinic, including blood work, through direct integrations with a national network of clinical labs—and we can do it faster.

When you schedule an on-demand video visit or a same-day house call with us, you’ll be treated by one of the certified medical professionals in our provider partner network without having to leave your home. If lab tests are necessary to confirm your diagnosis, your provider will send an electronic lab referral to a clinical lab near your location. While you’ll still have to make a separate trip to the lab, our same-day home consultations save you time and cut down travel, and our below-market prices reduce your total expenses.

Your lab work results will usually be submitted to your provider 1-3 days after your test. Your provider will follow up with you directly to discuss the results with you and recommend next steps for treatment.

Remedy is faster than a traditional doctor’s office, less expensive than a hospital emergency room, and more convenient than other urgent care solutions. We stand by our services with a 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee. The next time you or your family members need medical attention, schedule a visit with us.

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