The Healthcare Health Car

One of the best parts about being a Remedy provider is that we get to tool around Austin in our signature Mini Coopers. We specifically picked Mini Coopers for our provider rides because of their resemblance to old British ambulances.

BMC Ambulance

Old School

Remedy Mini Cooper

New School

Despite their diminutive size, they also allow us to keep everything we need to provide on-site urgent care to our patients in their homes.

In addition to the resemblance to classic ambulances, the Minis have a personality that fits with what Remedy is all about.  

  • Minis are fast which conveys to patients that Remedy will be there promptly.
  • Minis are fuel-efficient, which lets our patients know that we are keeping overhead as low as possible and taking care of the environment.
  • Lastly, our founder Dr. Jeremy Gabrysch has always driven a Mini and loves them.

But can you fit all the stuff you need in there?

This is a question we get all the time. And the answer is, “yes!”

Here’s a list of everything we keep in the Mini:

  • Suturing material and laceration kits for wound repairs
  • Medications – both injections and pills
  • Wound dressing supplies
  • IV fluids and a portable (collapsible) IV stand
  • 2 trash cans – one for biohazardous waste and another for regular trash
  • A sharps container
  • Our doctor’s bag – complete with otoscope, stethoscope, thermometer, a pulse oximeter, and a blood pressure cuff
  • An iPad for documenting the medical record
  • A nebulizer for asthma breathing treatments
  • A “mini-laboratory” with strep tests, flu tests, vials for blood, and urine tests
  • Splinting materials, and even a pair of crutches

Believe it or not, we fit all of that in there Tetris-style, allowing us to bring urgent care directly to our patients. Our faithful Minis save us the expensive of an office and the infection potential of a germ-filled waiting room. With Remedy, your living room is the waiting room!

If you need medical care (or are just a Mini enthusiast), schedule an appointment. Our providers can be at your home or office within 90 minutes.

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