Ever walk into a doctor's office, and get handed that clipboard? You know the clipboard.

There's the Privacy Practices, the Insurance Form, the Form about the Forms.

There's that picture of the front and the back of the genderless human form where you circle areas of pain, and then an area below where you write about that pain. Then, some checkboxes regarding the pain. But don't worry - you'll get to repeat that all again in the room. Probably twice.

It just doesn't end.

And you think to yourself, "Why is healthcare still like this?" Why can't it just be SIMPLE?

Simplicity is a core value at Remedy because we understand that when you are sick, you don't have time to solve a quadratic equation to figure out which option in the phone menu to push. We pride ourselves on being accessible.

When we were starting Remedy, we almost didn't have a phone line. In this day and age, everything is accessible with an app. You can book travel on an app, order a burger to be delivered, even buy a pre-fabricated house made from a shipping container. With Remedy, you can get a medical provider on video chat or to your home. So, we thought an app would be great.

Even so, we realized with time, that many people loved that they could pick up the phone and call us. And while it's true that we encourage online booking - the same way retailers want you to use those self-checkout lanes - we will still be here to help you on the phone if you need it.

The Remedy Vision

To be the patient’s most trusted and beloved guide, the first touchpoint for the delivery of simple, effective, and compassionate medical care.

Part of being a guide, is to make it simple for our patients. We are always looking for the easiest way to get your problem solved. Other practices might make their patients come in to the clinic for a visit. But whenever possible we will suggest a video visit. If you just need a quick test, like strep or flu, we will send someone to you.

We won't recommend treatments you don't need or unnecessary tests to just to drive up the bill. We will perform only what is necessary, and prescribe only what is necessary. Along with that, we practice good antibiotic stewardship. That means we don't over-prescribe antibiotics because we care about not contributing to resistance and unwanted side effects. When antibiotics won't help, we will be honest about that.

We won't send you to a specialist you don't really need to see. Or order an imaging test you don't need.

Our commitment to patients is to keep evaluation and treatment plans as SIMPLE as possible.