Rest: Our Final, Core Value

The seventh and final of our core values is Rest. What could be more restful than waiting for your medical care in the comfort of your own home? At Remedy, we know our patients don’t feel well, and the last thing we want is for them to drag themselves around town to find medical care. Stay home, pour a cup of hot tea, and rest while Remedy comes to you.

Rest: A True Necessity

We also believe that rest is of vital importance to our team. In his book 24/6, Dr. Matthew Sleeth discusses how our accelerated lifestyles are causing Americans more anxiety and depression. Stores and restaurants used to be closed on Sunday, but now we power through our consumer culture seven days a week. We are in a constant state of stress, and we are failing to slow down for at least one full day. For centuries, one day off a week was common, and this can be traced back to the Jewish tradition of the Fourth Commandment. The Hebrews were told to remember the Sabbath, a word which means “to cease” from all labor.

The Rhythm of Life

There is a rhythm of life that has been created that demands that we rest. When we do, the high cortisol levels and stress that we experience during work come down. We can drink deeply of life, family, and friends. We enjoy good food and drink, and hobbies that restore our soul. Rest doesn’t have to be lazy either. It can mean enjoyable exercise and being out in nature.

We All Need Our Rest

We are not machines, but creatures who need rest. Because of the high pressure in our society to work all of the time, we have to choose to slow down. We have to choose to turn off our devices, social media, and email, and go outside. People always need medical care, and so Remedy is open 365 days a year which means some of us are on the clock. But we share the load, so that people can be off and rest. Because we were made for that.​