Having Humility

What does it mean for a company to have “humility” as a core value? It is not something we usually associate with corporate culture or medicine. Typically when we think of high-powered, innovative companies, we think of a brash, disruptive attitude that is changing things up and proud of it. When we think of doctors, some people think of over-confident problem-solvers with a “God complex.” But at Remedy, we are humble and know we don’t have all the answers. We do know there’s a better way to do this thing called healthcare. We try things, and we listen to our patients and each other to make it better and better.

Always Striving to Do Better

At Remedy, we want leaders to receive feedback from those they lead with humility and an acknowledgment that they don’t always have it all figured out. We want to be “un-offendable”. Tell me what you think. If you don’t like the way we do something, we will look for a way to do it better. We take that posture with our patients, as well as with each other in the company. A leader who is closed off to new ideas and “other ways of doing things”, is closing themselves off to moving the whole organization forward.

No More “Group-Think”

We hate “group-think”. We want a team that envisions a better health care system for all. We value people who are bold enough to speak their mind in a way that moves us forward. We don’t want an army of clones that all think the same way. We also value leaders who are humble enough to admit when the team finds a better way.

Encourage those under you and above you to strive for excellence. And no matter where you are, be humble!