Honesty: Our Core Value

One of our core values at Remedy is Honesty.

Webster’s Dictionary defines “honesty” as “c’mon you shouldn’t have to look this up. Just tell the truth.”

OK, kidding.

Honesty + Medical Services

It’s our conviction that honesty must permeate all aspects of medical service. Let’s start with pricing. More and more people are confused by costs and options in healthcare. The pricing for everything from visits to tests can be extremely opaque. One study found that a MRI in Los Angeles ranged in price from $255 at one institution to $6,221 at another.

Imagine going to the airport, and not knowing if the ticket would cost $500 or $5,000. You know you have to get on the plane, and that you will have to pay. But you have no idea what the airline will charge you. That’s how it feels in our current healthcare system.

Fully Transparent

At Remedy, we seek to be fully transparent in our pricing which is one way of being honest with our patients. We publish our cash prices (for patients not using insurance) right on our website for all to see. Our insurance prices are very close to these prices as well, so you can know what you will be paying before you schedule a visit.

Only Recommending the Necessary Treatments

We also seek to be fully honest with you about treatment. We won’t recommend treatments you don’t need or unnecessary tests to just to drive up the bill. We will perform only what is necessary, and prescribe only what is necessary. Along with that, we practice good antibiotic stewardship. That means we don’t over-prescribe antibiotics because we care about not contributing to resistance and unwanted side effects. When antibiotics won’t help, we’ll be honest about that.

Earning Your Trust

Being honest is at the core of what it means to be on the Remedy team. We know how much people appreciate honesty. Ultimately, you are going to use a medical provider you can trust, and we’re eager to earn that trust from you and your family.