Evidence-Based Medicine

At Remedy, we practice evidence-based medicine with excellence. All of our providers—physicians and advanced practice providers—are experienced in urgent care with adults and children and practice to the highest standard. We know that a track record of good clinical experience inspires confidence in patients. Our three founding physicians have a combined 50 years experience in ER, pediatrics, family medicine and urgent care!

Team-Based Approach

We use a team-based approach, so when our physician assistants and nurse practitioners are seeing patients, they always have a physician available for consult. We even consult in real time via video chat when necessary.

Our Guidelines & Protocols

Remedy’s guidelines and protocols are shaped by robust evidence and years of clinical experience. We demand this high standard of all of our providers and are regularly reviewing our care and procedures to see how we can make it better. Our providers trained at top-tier medical centers, and we are passionate about ongoing education and committed to the most current evidence-based treatments.

Healthcare Delivery

You’ll see ways that we promote excellence in all aspects of our healthcare delivery. We use Mini Coopers that are fuel-efficient and always clean and shiny. We use state-of-the-art technology to make your entire experience as simple and seamless as possible—things like electronic prescriptions and online booking.

Our Reviews & Testimonials

When you look at our reviews on Yelp, Facebook and Google, it’s almost unbelievable to see so many five star ratings. This feedback reflects our commitment to excellence. We know we’re not perfect (which is why Core Value #6 is humility!). But we work hard to make your healthcare the absolute best that it can be.