The comfort and safety of patients and providers is our first priority.

All Remedy providers are board-certified physicians, physician assistants, and advanced practice nurse practitioners, with meticulous records to ensure all credentials are up to date. All of our providers have significant previous experience in family medicine, emergency room, pediatrics and/or urgent care, and have been fully background and license-checked. We’re incredibly selective about who we allow to wear the Remedy white coat, and our reviews demonstrate the excellence and compassion of our teams.

More than 20,000 patients have invited us into their homes to care for themselves and their loved ones. That’s not a privilege we take for granted.
Dr. Jeremy Gabrysch, Founder

Technology keeps our providers in constant contact with us.

We are notified when our providers are en route or at your home, when they arrive, when they’re making notes in your chart, and when they have completed your visit. If an appointment extends beyond the average time without communication from our team, we will check in. In addition to real-time status updates, all providers are equipped with a location-tracking Alert Button which can easily trigger the help of emergency services and loved ones.

How can you best prepare for your Remedy visit?

Remedy has never had a single incident where patient or provider’s safety was at risk or in question, and we intend to maintain that. Here’s how you can help: Please ensure access to your location is easy to identify and well-lit. Providers maintain the right to refuse service to any location deemed unsafe. The provider will suggest common locations at your location where evaluation and treatment typically take place. Please make note of any special considerations or accommodations prior to the visit period.

Have suggestions for how to improve the Remedy experience?

Please contact us at We want to hear from you.