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Parents Just Want to ‘Get it Right’ – by Dr. Amy White

Diagnosing Your Child’s Sickness as a Parent

I love the excitement I see as a pediatrician when parents correctly diagnose their child’s ailment. They get a big grin on their face, and I invariably hear an “I knew it!” or “I told my husband/wife/mother-in-law that I knew what was going on”! Often they’ll tell me how happy they are that they got their child examined that day. In the midst of sleepless nights, fevers, fussiness, and a myriad of other symptoms, there’s a glimmer of happiness, hope, and pride in bringing their child in for a “real” diagnosis that can be treated. It feels better for a parent to to pay an insurance co-pay when they find out that the ear really is infected instead of being told it’s teething, a cold that will self-resolve, or an age-related behavioral quirk.

Don’t Feel Guilty

Sometimes the happiness to have a diagnosis quickly turns to tears. “I should have brought him in 2 days ago”, or “I feel horrible that I thought it was just a toddler thing and I’ve been letting him cry at night”. The guilt we feel as parents is incredible. I spend a lot of time reassuring parents that they’re doing a great job and that there was no way for them to know the diagnosis. Hopefully some of those honest pep talks are truly heard and their guilt dissipates.

First-Time Parents & Their Worries

On the other end of this parenting spectrum is the embarrassment and disappointment I see when I tell a parent that there’s no ear infection or that everything looks normal on exam. I hear a lot of “I know I seem like a huge worrier, but I’m a first-time parent” as an apology for bringing a child to be seen. What I remind them is that all parents go through fear, worry, and self-doubt.  It’s much better to make sure that their child isn’t sick than to wait to be examined out of fear of being “wrong”.

Remedy: Making Healthcare Visits Easier

When we started Remedy, these worries were one of the things that motivated us to make healthcare visits easy. After a quick phone call or online booking, parents get a provider at their house to help alleviate the worry and concern. Studies have shown that it’s difficult to predict diagnoses based on presenting symptoms.  We understand that, and want to make your life as streamlined, simple, and stress-free as possible. We don’t judge for calling us “too soon” or “waiting too long” (or for a messy house, barking pets, or staying in your PJ’s for that matter!)  In addition, we can do a telemedicine visit for certain medical concerns, making your life even easier.

The next time your little one seems “off’, let us help you figure it out and help you get life back to normal.  We love being a part of your family’s team!