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24/7 video visits, urgent care house calls, and lab testing for the Violet Crown city.

Simple care, on your schedule.

No one plans for an illness or injury. And when it arrives, it often throws everything out of whack. It shouldn't be so hard to get care, should it?

With Remedy, you can book a 24/7, low-wait video visit or house call (to your doorstep) in minutes. No waiting rooms or driving across town. No dirty clipboards with repetitive paperwork. Simple, secure booking, on your phone or computer.

Our providers have earned some of the highest local ratings, and are all board-certified in specialties like urgent care, emergency medicine and pediatrics.

  • Same-Day House Calls

    • The full services of urgent care in the comfort of your own home.
    • Usually we can have someone at your home within two hours.
    • Prescriptions can be written and sent to your local pharmacy.
    • Available in Austin, TX.





    * $49 dispatch fee due at time of booking. All medical service charges billed to insurer. Normal plan limits / deductible / coinsurance apply. We'll always send a detailed statement at least 5 days before settling unreimbursed medical service charges to your account.

  • On-Demand Video Visits

    • Face-to-face personalized care.
    • 24/7/365.
    • Satisfaction guaranteed.
    • Available throughout Texas and California.





    *Additional testing may incur a flat $49 testing fee. All medical service charges will be billed to insurer as applicable. Normal plan limits/deductible/coinsurance apply. We’ll send you a detailed statement at least 5 days before billing the credit card linked to your account.

    **Additional testing may incur a flat $49 testing fee.


House Calls and 24/7 Video Visits are available! (Our Austin walk-in clinic is temporarily closed.)

We treat nearly anything you'd normally visit a conventional urgent care clinic for.

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