If Your Emergency Isn’t an Emergency, You Might Have an Emergency on Your Hands

Emergency Scenarios

Imagine this modern day Oregon Trail scenario. Your three-year-old daughter has a 103 fever, it’s 5 PM, and your doctor is closed.

Do you:

  • Give her some Tylenol and wait until tomorrow?
  • Use a telemedicine service?
  • Go to the ER?
  • (ford the river in your stagecoach knowing FULL WELL this river has rocks in it)

High Costs of ER Visits

You take the presumably most failsafe route and choose the ER, and it turns out your daughter has strep throat. The ER visit will likely cost $500 to $1,200.

Insurance Denying Claims

But your health insurer turns around and says, “Well, strep throat isn’t exactly an emergency. So, we are not going to pay for that visit.” And now the bank account begins to take on water.

Cruel Treatment from Insurance Companies?

Sound cruel? Well, it’s happening. The Dallas Morning News just reported that some Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas plans will not be covering ER visits if they deem the cause to be a non-emergency. This puts an undue burden on consumers requiring them to make a medical judgment that most people are not always equipped to make. You could say, for the sake of my pigeonholed Oregon Trail analogy, that it’s like guessing the depth of the lake from a distant shore.

Subjectiveness of “Emergency”

Studies consistently show that a patient’s complaint is not a good predictor of whether or not someone has a life-threatening issue or not. Conversely, we know that sometimes people having chest pain are just having heartburn, not a heart attack.  So the bottom line is that it can be very difficult for patients to know if they or their children are having a life threatening issue.

We’re Here for You Every Step of the Way!

That is why at Remedy we do what we do. We are here for you!  We are open every day from 8am to 8pm and would love nothing more than to help guide you to the appropriate place for your care.  Remedy can take care of 75% of the things that land people in the ER. You can chat with us, email us, call us. However you want to reach out.  Let us help you. (And we take Blue Cross Blue Shield!).