How to Stay Safe On Your Next Summer Hike

How to Stay Safe On Your Next Summer Hike: Our Guide

Summer hikes are great! Joining a couple of friends, seeing some great sights, embracing nature, exercising outdoors; it’s all awesome and fantastic for your health. Summer hikes, while great for the above reasons, can prove to be hazardous if you don’t take the proper precautions. By reading through our brief, yet informative guide, you’ll be able to ready yourself for the fun to be had during your next #SundayFunday hiking excursion this summer. Read on to learn more about the tricks of the trade and be well on your way to conquering the next hike you embark on!

Stretch Before AND After

Stretching is very important, not just for increased flexibility, it’s also important for injury prevention and agility. Yes, stretching, as awkward as it may be sometimes can prove to be the difference between a twisted ankle and the perfect insta-angle for your next hike’s selfie. Stretching will not only prevent injuries, it’ll allow you to have the proper rebound when a rock slips, the steady balance when you need to climb over a ravine on a log, or the right amount of flexibility to reach for the next boulder on your journey towards the top of the mountain. Also, stretching when done correctly just feels good. What’s not to love about that?

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is key to most aspects of life, yet it’s especially important when you choose to go on a hike during the summer. Even if it happens to be overcast and particularly hot, you’ll still want to keep a nice canteen of water nearby at all times. Whether it’s for rehydrating yourself once you reach the top of your favorite ridge or rinsing out a small cut encountered on the tumultuous part of the trail. Water is your near and dear friend throughout the epic journey which is a summer hike!

Know Your Limits

Knowing your limits is important throughout many altitudes of life, and it’s especially important within the domains of natural hiking expeditions. Just because your friend wants to jump from one rock to another doesn’t mean you have to as well. Knowing your limits and going with your gut-feeling” is crucial to your overall wellness and safety. It’s important to challenge yourself, but it’s also important to trust your instincts and avoid potential pitfalls along the way with your hiking activities.

Choose Remedy if You Happen to Injure Yourself

If you do happen to injure yourself on a hike, don’t hesitate to contact us using the button below and we’ll be sure to have you seen by a doctor via telemedicine in just a few minutes. If you’d prefer an in-person visit form one of our housecall doctors, feel free to specify your preferences and a housecall doctor will be sent over to evaluate and treat your injury within just an hour at the most between the hours of 8am-8pm in the states of Texas and California. We look forward to treating you soon and hope you have a wonderful summer full of fun-filled hiking activities!

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