Chicken Salmonella

Don’t Cuddle That Chicken!

Salmonella Dangers

You know about Salmonella, right? It’s the “raw cookie dough” bacteria. You know, as in, “Don’t eat raw cookie dough or you’ll get Salmonella.”

Raw Eggs = Salmonella

Or maybe your college boyfriend watched Rocky too many times and cracked raw eggs into his protein shakes, and you remember something similar. Why’s that? Because Salmonella comes from chickens!  

Chicken Meat & Salmonella

You can get it from raw cookie dough, but it’s pretty uncommon (whew). But you can get Salmonella is from those chickens you’re raising. Yeah, you or your neighbor might be part of the green revolution, raising chickens. And that’s good – Eating those organic eggs, and teaching kids about how to live off the land. But you should know the risks and take the proper precautions.

First off, don’t cuddle your chickens.

Chickens Shed Bacteria in Their Poop

Chickens literally poop out Salmonella and it doesn’t bother them one bit (“Sorry, haters.”Chickens). In the scientific world, we say that they “shed” the bacteria in their stool. Salmonella doesn’t hurt chickens. But it hurts us.

Leave the Chicken Farm Shoes Outside

If you raise chickens, leave any shoes that you wear in the chicken coop outside. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling the birds, eggs or nesting materials. If you’re buying chickens for the first time, find out if the hatchery tests for Salmonella. Don’t snuggle with your chickens or treat them like pets, allowing them to be close to your face.

You Can’t See the Bacteria

Even if you think your birds are clean of the bacteria, just assume they aren’t. Take extra care to wash your hands and keep yourself clean. Most people who get sick from Salmonella recover, but there are about 1 million infections in the US every year and around 300 deaths. It’s not something to take lightly.

And if you’ve just had another cuddle party with your birds, and now someone’s showing signs of salmonella (briefly: lots of diarrhea), then don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll get you taken care of, however fowl you’re feeling.