Do You Need an Appointment for Urgent Care?

Do You Actually Need an Appointment for Urgent Care???

Yes, and no. Our system here at at Remedy is focused on providing quick, expedited appointments to our valuable patients. Yes, you’ll have to schedule an appointment via our online portal, but you won’t have to wait for more than a few minutes typically when you choose our telemedicine option. In addition to that feature of our platform, you’ll only have to wait for your housecall doctor appointment in the time it takes for our doctor to drive to your home. How great is that? So say “goodbye” to lengthy, far out appointments and say “hello” to extremely quick turnaround time for our medical professionals to treat your illness, ailment, or condition.

Appointment? What Appointment?

Traditional appointment scheduling can be burdensome to say the least. Our platform allows you to view all available time slots and schedule according to your day, week, or month. We want this to be as easy as possible for you and your family, so know we’ve thought of the ins and outs of everyday life and how it can affect your ability to visit the doctor. With Remedy, you don’t have to worry about that previous problem.

Benefits of Remedy’s Service

Remedy offers telemedicine services, 24/7, in the states of Texas and California. We also offer housecall doctor services between the hours of 8am-8pm in the greater Austin and San Antonio areas. These features and functionalities of our service have helped many families and individuals achieve wellness when before they were unable to make their doctor appointments without missing work, school, or some other important event.

Choosing Remedy for Your No-Appointment, Appointment…

As mentioned before, when you choose Remedy, you’re setting an appointment technically, yet we’re often so quick with our responsiveness, it’ll feel as though you’ve just inquired and just like that you’re already being seen by one of our amazing medical professionals. Feel free to start the process towards healing your condition, illness, injury, etc… by using the button below. We look forward to hearing from you soon and are excited you’ll be utilizing all of the amazing features Remedy has to offer!

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