Obsessed with Patient Experience

Most companies have customers. We have patients. It's different. Way different. Patients don't feel well, and they feel vulnerable. They are more likely to be short with us, to be irritable, to not be the best version of themselves. (Remember the last time you were sick? Or when your kid was?)

At Remedy, we put the need of the patient first, then we consider the Remedy team, and lastly ourselves. (This gets into our #humility core value as well). Look, a lot of health care companies say they are patient-centered. A lot of hospitals say they put the patient experience first. But does this look like putting patient experience first?

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Clinical Excellence

So many great companies and organizations have safety as their number one priority. Imagine getting on an airplane where safety was not important to the company! "Umm, yeah. We're just gonna get this plane up in the air and cross our fingers that everything goes well. We've got great customer service, though!"

Safety is also the number one value at Disney Parks and Resorts. Disney is known for courteous and "magical" service, so you would think something like that would be number one. But actually, safety is their number one priority. Why?

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One of our core values is not something you see in most companies. It's HUMILITY. It might seem strange, but we think you're going to see why it's so crucial to who we are at Remedy. A company that is humble and shows humility within its ranks and to its customers would truly be a great place to work!

Humility is not something we usually associate with corporate culture or medicine. Typically when we think of high-powered, innovative companies, we think of a brash, disruptive attitude that is changing things up and proud of it.

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Ever walk into a doctor's office, and get handed that clipboard? You know the clipboard.

There's the Privacy Practices, the Insurance Form, the Form about the Forms.

There's that picture of the front and the back of the genderless human form where you circle areas of pain, and then an area below where you write about that pain. Then, some checkboxes regarding the pain. But don't worry - you'll get to repeat that all again in the room. Probably twice.

And you think to yourself, "Why is healthcare still like this?" Why can't it just be SIMPLE?

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Rest & Restore

This final core value - Rest + Restore - is both external and internal.

External is this. We want our patients to rest. Their minds are racing with all the worst-case scenarios they read on Dr. Google. We want them to rest, and let us help. We'll come to them if needed while they wait at home. We'll get the tests they need or involve the specialists required.

This core value is also internal. Burnout in medicine is at an all-time high. We all need to get the rest and self-care that we need to be able to refuel and help these folks who need us.

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