When to Have Your Moles & Birthmarks Examined

Feb 17, 2020

When to Have Your Moles & Birthmarks Examined: Our Guide

As we approach summer, there will surely be a time in someone’s life where they tend to stay out in the sun a little bit too long. Before they know it, they’ve been cooking like a lobster for the past three hours and are a bright red tone. This is NOT good. While yes, it may be comical and reminiscent of a 1980s summer film, it’s not something to joke about when it all comes down to it. The seriousness of sunburns is not to be taken lightly, or should we say “redly”. Read on to learn more about how with proper prevention, you too will be able to stop your skin from being damaged by harmful amounts of sun. As more and more sunburns occur, you may begin to notice new “moles” and “birthmarks” starting to appear. While yes, these may very well be just your everyday, average mole and/or birthmark; you’ll still want to ensure everything is a-okay. This is where we can help with our excellent telemedicine and housecall doctor services throughout California and Texas.

Better Safe Than Sorry…

Lather up with a 35+ SPF for true protection. Yes, we know, we know; how are you supposed to receive a golden bronze tan when choosing to wear such a protective layer? Well, we have some good and bad news for you. The bad news is: you’re not going to want that golden brown tan after all. The good news is: you’ll be protected from potentially acquiring a case of skin cancer. The commonly sought after “bronze” look is actually true damage to layers of your skin. This is not good over an extended period of time and certainly not beneficial when repeated, summer after summer. Be safe out there and apply a high-quality, 35+ SPF sunscreen and you’ll thanks us later when you’re not suffering from a painful burn and potentially encountering a terrible disease.

Focusing On Prevention is Key to Reducing Skin Cancer

As mentioned above, the prevention methods you choose to incorporate into your life can prove to be some of the best investments of time and money. The time aspect being going through the motions of applying sunscreen on a regular basis, especially during the warmer weather seasons. The money being invested in a high-quality sunscreen to ensure you’re protecting your skin to the fullest extent. All in all, you’re able to reduce your risks of sunburn and skin cancer significantly if you take proper precautions into perspective.

Choosing Remedy for an Examination of Your Moles & Birthmarks

If you’ve been noticing an increase in your overall number of moles and birthmarks, especially after a recent sunburn, you’ll want to ensure you’re okay. Feel free to book an initial appointment with one of our excellent medical specialists using the button below and we’ll be sure to have you seen within mere minutes via our telemedicine portal. If you’d prefer a housecall doctor visit, we offer those as well. We look forward to hearing from you soon and are excited to help you stay healthy, happy, and sunburn free this summer!

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