Urgent Care Doctor Note for Work

Mar 03, 2020

Does Remedy Write an Urgent Care Doctor Note for Work?

Yes, we do! If you’re unable to attend class, a flight, or even work due to your current medical condition or state, we’ll certainly write a doctor’s note for you to rest and recover. Nobody wants to go to work, school, or fly on a plane when they’re feeling ill, so we have you covered. We’ll thoroughly evaluate your condition and be able to properly assess whether or not you’re able to follow through on life’s obligations. If we determine you’re unable to do so, don’t worry, we’ll have your back. We want you to rest up as much as needed to fully recover. Whether it’s the flu, pink eye, or anything in between; we’ll be able to help you recover with excellent medical care and also with a detailed doctor’s note explaining why you need recovery time to best perform the task at hand.

Importance of Doctor’s Notes

Doctor’s notes allow us as a medical authority to excuse you from the burden of work, school, travel, etc… when it’s just too much to handle. Nobody wants to stress themselves out over something which is ultimately out of their control. Being sick is never fun. Then when you add the physical and mental stressors of being sick with obligations and responsibilities, you run the risk of becoming even further ill from not allowing your body to properly recover. This creates a vicious cycle where your employer or school is not receiving the best performance from you and it ultimately affects everyone. So let us help you take the much needed days off and rest up with the help of a doctor’s note for your illness recovery.

Helping You Recover from Your Illness, Injury, or Ailment

Whether it’s a broken toe, a chronic cough, or even excessive allergies; you’ll take comfort in knowing we have your back. As medical experts, we know when you can attend to your responsibilities and when you cannot. There’s not really much of a grey area involved and we know how to determine whether or not you’re able to fulfill your responsibilities as a student, a worker, or even a traveler.

The Importance of Resting Up While You’re Sick When You Have to Travel

Airlines will often require doctor’s notes if and when you request a refund due to illness. Sometimes the airlines can push back and attempt to refuse to issue you a refund, yet with a doctor’s note (depending on the airline), you’ll find it’s a much more effective way to have your money returned to you in an efficient manner. At the very least, the airlines will offer you a credit of sorts where you’ll be able to travel on their airline within a year period for an equivalent flight cost. Additionally, if you do happen to have the flu, any decent airliner would not want to be responsible for forcing you to choose whether or not you can obtain a refund, and therefore making you travel with a sickness. The cost-benefit analysis of being in the headlines for a flu outbreak is much more than issuing you a very small refund in the grand factor of their business model.

Choosing Remedy for a Fast & Effective Urgent Care Visit!

If you’re currently suffering from nearly any sickness, ailment, or injury and you know you’ll most likely require a doctor’s note to avoid issues with your employer, university, or airline company; contact us for an appointment using the button below. Our telemedicine service is available 24/7-365 and our housecall doctor service is available 8am-8pm. We look forward to hearing from you soon and are eager to he;p you recover from your condition as soon as possible!

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