Remedy + Medicare

Dec 10, 2019

We Now Accept Medicare

Ever since we started Remedy two years ago, I have been looking forward to the day when we could accept Medicare. Getting in-network with a government-based insurance program is not the simplest process – but we finally did it!

Medicare Coverage

Why am I so excited? Well, for one thing, my parents have Medicare, and they have asked me about it constantly since Remedy was founded. But the main reason is that Medicare covers almost 50 million Americans, or 15% of us.

Here’s a few reasons why Remedy is so great for Medicare beneficiaries:

  1. We send reports to your doctor. If you see us for a minor emergency or illness, we will let your doc know by sending them a note detailing what we did. We’re big believers in “continuity of care.” We know you can’t always get in to see your doc, but we will keep them informed.
  2. If you aren’t sick, the last thing you want to do is pick up some virus in the waiting room at the local urgent care. Let’s face it, the waiting room is full of sick people! If you don’t already have the flu, you sure don’t want to leave the doctor’s office having contracted it.
  3. Immediate electronic prescriptions to your pharmacy of choice. You can pick up your script the minute after we see you.
  4. We’re the simplest route to care. Just go to and you can be chatting with us right away. Don’t feel comfortable booking through our app? Just call us at 844-REMEDY-5, and we will get you scheduled.

Tell Your Friends & Family

Spread the word. The easiest access to urgent and convenient care just got better for millions of more people. Remedy is simple, transparent, and high-quality medical care. Just check out our over 500 five-star reviews online. Need to book now? Just click here and you’ll be booked in minutes.

And yes, mom and dad, we finally take Medicare.

First time hearing about Remedy? We can answer some of the most common questions here, and our Patient Service Coordinators are available 7 days a week from 8AM-8PM to chat online or over the phone at 844-REMEDY-5.

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