Is Telemedicine Safe and Secure?

Feb 10, 2020

Is Telemedicine Safe and Secure?: Our Guide

More than ever, people are using the internet for a variety of things in their life. Everything from ordering food, shopping, or even healthcare. We come in to save the day with the last item on the list. With the world becoming more closely connected than ever before, it’s no wonder people are now expecting every facet of their lives to have an online version as well. With Remedy, you’ll receive exactly that. We provide top-tier, secure, safe, and effective healthcare via telemedicine to our patients all throughout Texas and California. We have the knowhow, expertise, and experience to ensure your data is safe and your health is restored. Read on to learn more about how we can help you with a remedy for you ailment, illness, or injury and have it all be done from your home, office, etc… in a secure portal.

Protecting Your Data Securely, Efficiently, & Effectively

Data is everything nowadays. It helps us better determine seasonal trends in illness, it helps us know our patient demographics better, and it helps us come up with ways to treat you more efficiently and effectively. Data is also very valuable and there are many out there who would love to see it compromised. Thankfully, here at Remedy, we have many systems in place to prevent any and all vulnerable areas from ever being exposed or maliciously obtained. We place an extremely strong emphasis on cybersecurity and patient privacy and user data protection. We provide healthcare to our patients, a very personal experience for most people. We treat you as we treat ourselves and never allow there to be a chance of having your data compromised. You can rest assured we do everything in our power to provide you, the patient, with the most secure and safe experience when accessing our telemedicine portal.

It’s the Law

Protecting patient data and information is not only an ethical choice, it’s the law. Throughout the United States there are HIPAA regulations which protect and prevent access to health data. As medical care providers, we’re obligated to uphold our duty to abide by HIPAA regulations and we also treat our patients as we wish to be treated. We wouldn’t want our own data ever to be compromised, so we’d never want that scenario to happen to you either.

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