Visits for Insured and Medicare Patients with Influenza-Like or Covid-19 Symptoms

Apr 17, 2020

Remedy is waiving copays and cost-shares on video visits scheduled for COVID-19 and flu-like symptoms for our commercially insured and Medicare patients through the month of March.

How this works:

  • Select “Schedule Visit” just as before. New patients will be required to create a new profile and enter insurance and payment information.
  • Select “Video Visit” as the visit type. Note – if covid-19 testing is available and recommended, this will also be covered.
  • We will still submit via your in-network insurance. Most insurers have publicly committed to covering the costs of any visits with suspected covid-19 and influenza-like (ILI) symptoms, including testing.
  • There will be no upfront co-pay. In addition, Remedy pledges not to balance bill for these cases regardless of what insurers end up doing in the follow through.
  • This is currently for all visits through the end of March.

This can be a confusing, complicated time, saturated with information. We’ll do our best to keep things like this as simple as possible for our patients.

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