How Insurance Handles Your Visit

Dec 18, 2019

Modern Insurance Plans

Modern insurance plans are so highly customized and varied, it’s often difficult to predict what any particular service will cost a particular patient.

Keeping Healthcare Costs Low

Our goal is to keep your cost of care as low and easy to understand as possible.

For self-insured or cash pay patients, you can stop right here. You’re already all paid up, so treat yourself to this adorable otter compilation.

How Remedy Works with Insurance

Insured patients, you can watch that video as well, but stick with me for 73 seconds. Here’s how Remedy works with insurance:

1 – After your visit, Remedy bills your insurer as an “in-network provider” with appropriate cost codes for service. These codes vary depending on whether you’re a new patient to us or not, and whether a prescription medication was given. (It’s actually a little more complicated than that, but that’s the gist.).

2 – Based on your individual plan, your insurance will pay all or some portion of that claim directly to us. Note – this can vary depending on how your employer has structured their plans.

3 – If, for some reason, your insurer elects to not cover the full amount, the remainder is billed back to you. Note that this does not mean that Remedy is not “in-network”. The amount is applied to your “in-network deductible”. It’s just that for whatever reason, your insurer has decided that you pay it instead of them.

Fair & Transparent Pricing

Our commitment is to fair and transparent pricing. While we can never predict how insurers will treat individual claims, we encourage you to discuss any questions with us. And we will never charge any patient – insured or not – more than our flat rate pricing.

A Quick & Painless Process

The entire process typically takes about 2-6 weeks, depending on the insurer. For those of you with higher-deductible HSA plans, you can simple pay the cash pay price and then post to your HSA journal.

Questions? No problem. We’re here to chat.

And now, here’s that otter video again.


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