House Calls are Back in Austin

Apr 24, 2020

It's been busy. This pandemic has required us to think creatively about how we can safely serve our cities. And now, we're thrilled to announce the return of house calls for urgent care in Austin. And not just because we miss seeing your dog (but we do).

Did house calls go away when the pandemic started?

In short, sort of. Although it feels like a decade ago, when things began heating up in March, global shortages of PPE (personal protective equipment) made the safe delivery of house calls difficult. Couple that with the fact that flu was still going strong, and there was a lack of tests available to differentiate flu from COVID-19.

Our house calls never shut down completely, but concerns from patients and ever-changing guidelines and learning around COVID-19 caused us to offer them only in situations where there was no risk to our patients.

What's different now?

We've acquired lots of PPE and developed processes for safe delivery before and during our house call visits.

    Have the hours of availability changed?

    Nope. Remedy house calls are available every day of the year, from 8AM-8PM. Remedy is open 24/7 for video visits, and you can book at any time quickly on your phone, computer or by calling 844-REMEDY-5.

    What about insurance?

    Remedy is in-network with most major insurers + Medicare, and our flat-rate pricing is available for self-pay patients.

    What can Remedy house calls treat?

    Anything you'd visit a conventional urgent care for. Now more than ever, for those that don't feel comfortable going to a shared waiting room, we're grateful to be able to offer our house call experience as an alternative.

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