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Nov 18, 2019

Telemedicine: The Way of the Future

Telemedicine is basically just a fancy way to say video chatting with your doctor. That’s right. It’s 2018, y’all, and technology has made getting the healthcare you need easier than ever.

What is telemedicine? What are the actual benefits and limits of this technology?

Here are five things to consider when you video chat with the doc.

  1. The law requires that the standard of care for the interaction must be met to the same level that it would be if you were in the office seeing the doc. Did we have you at “standard of care?” Let’s break it down with the example of a skin rash: The provider should be able to see it clearly and assess it in order to come to the proper diagnosis and treatment. Most rashes are completely appropriate for a video visit. But what about a stomach ache? Usually, a medical provider would need to examine your abdomen for this. This is what we call the “standard of care”. So, in this example, the standard of care could not be met via telemedicine. That is why we would not recommend telemedicine for abdominal pain.
  2. Video visits are conducted using a HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing solution. So the end result looks a lot like FaceTime, but it is conducted on a platform that is encrypted and protected for your safety.
  3. Your insurance may pay for a video visit. Check with your insurance carrier and see if they pay for telemedicine under your plan. If so, you may be able to file the receipt for reimbursement. Ask your insurance company what they will need to process the claim, then obtain these documents from your medical provider.
  4. You can see a provider via telemedicine even if you have never seen that provider before. The first time a patient and doctor see each other is known as “establishing the doctor-patient relationship,” which sounds less fun than app dating. It used to be that you couldn’t initiate a video visit unless you had seen that doctor before. But the law has changed recently, and allows your first encounter to be via telemedicine if it’s appropriate.
  5. A video visit can be an excellent place to start when you think the condition isn’t serious, but aren’t sure. If you have a simple upper respiratory infection for example, it can probably be managed by telemedicine. If the provider deems that an in-person evaluation is warranted, they will recommend that. In Remedy’s case, we waive our dispatch fee if you use us for telemedicine. So, a video visit is a great place to start and may end up saving you money.

(Clears throat, straightens medical coat)

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