Benefits of Stretching During Summer Travel

Feb 13, 2020

Why Stretching is Necessary during Summer Travel

Ahh, the summer time. Such a great time to travel far and wide with dear friends and family. Planes, trains, and automobiles are utilized each and every day throughout the year, yet especially during the summer when the kids have their summer break and mom and dad have vacation time saved up for a trip of a lifetime. There’s nothing quite like the experience of creating amazing, lasting memories with the ones you love most. There’s also nothing quite like the stiffness and muscle aches you may experience from traveling for long, extensive hours during your next summer roadtrip or international flight. Read on to discover how with the right techniques and tips, you won’t have to arrive at your destination feeling twenty years older with backaches for the next week. Enjoy!

How To Stretch for the Best Results

Stretching prior to your trip, during, and after can make a world of difference in how you feel after your journey has come to an end. The stretches we recommend are those which work best with your body. If you have chronic neck pain, you’ll want to try out some neck stretches. If you have chronic lower back pain, you’ll want to try some stretches which really work those muscles and allow you to feel flexible and fit.

Performing overall basic stretches consisting of hands to feet, lunges, twists, and pulls to loosen things up will help anybody with their specific problem areas. The important thing is to focus on what feels good. Yes, we know, stretching hurts sometimes, yet the primary reasons stretching feels uncomfortable at first is due to the fact your body hasn’t been properly stretched in quite some time. If you begin a stretching routine a week or so prior to your big trip, you’ll find the stiffness and cramps from traveling will most likely be nonexistent afterwards.

Focusing On Injury Prevention

Injury prevention is a key factor as to why we recommend incorporating stretches into your routine; especially during travels. Let’s say you and the family decided to explore the nearby forest region and hike up a fun mountain range. While yes, you’ll probably be fine as long as you watch your step, you could very well end up twisting an ankle due to lack of agility and stiffness. This is just one of the many scenarios which can happen if you choose not to actively stretch.

Choosing Remedy for Your Telemedicine Care

If you’re coming across this post after deciding not to stretch, don’t fret, we have you covered! Feel free to book an appointment to be seen by one of our excellent medical specialists typically within just a few minutes, right from the comfort of your home or vacation destination. We know stiffness, aches, and pains from traveling can be the worst thing after a long journey; so let’s have you back on track to health and wellness as soon as possible!

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