12 Benefits of Telemedicine

Dec 30, 2019

Telemedicine Benefits

Telemedicine is the process of requesting the assistance, diagnosis, and treatment from a doctor; all through virtual means. This can be through video conference calls, chatroom solutions, telephone diagnosis, etc… The important thing is, you’re able to successfully treat a variety of illnesses, injuries, and ailments all through a modern-day technology. Read on to discover twelve amazing benefits of telemedicine and why we at Remedy champion this form of healthcare so much.

1.) Ease of Use

Ease of use is something we all want with any type of service, product, platform, etc… The easier, the better in many cases and we at Remedy want you to realize just how simple, yet effective, our telemedicine platform truly is. Treat your condition with our excellent telemedicine doctors and begin seeing just how effective our platform truly is.

2.) Reduces Wasted Time

Nobody likes to waste their valuable time waiting around doctor’s offices, urgent cares, or emergency rooms. Let Remedy help you regain control of your time with our efficient scheduling app and you’ll be seen by a telemedicine doctor in no time at all.

3.) Treats Illnesses Quicker

Illnesses must be treated promptly before they manifest into something else much, much worse. Let our highly-qualified medical team treat your illness as soon as it arises with our widely available, telemedicine platform.

4.) Prevents Acquisition of Other Illnesses

Nothing is worse than visiting the doctor for one sickness and acquiring another. Prevent this situation from occurring ever again with our telemedicine solutions and completely eliminate the potentiality of acquiring another illness from a fellow sick patient.

5.) Reduces Overall Healthcare Costs for Patients

Healthcare costs can add up, quickly. Prevent a financial disaster from occurring with our platform’s affordable costs versus an overpriced emergency room visit which could set you back several thousand dollars.

6.) Reduces Healthcare Overhead Costs for Physicians

One of the reasons visiting a doctor in-person can be so costly is the fact they themselves have to cover the costs of everything from office space lease costs, to electricity, to front-office staff. With Remedy’s platform, our healthcare professionals only have to have an internet connection, computer device, and webcam of some sort to properly treat you. Altogether, this greatly reduces the costs of their practice and the savings are passed onto you, the patient.

7.) Promotes Technology-Focused Solutions

Technology surrounds us seemingly every second, and for good reason. Technology has truly transformed our lives for the better and we at Remedy want to embrace the technological advances made each and every day to the fullest extent to benefit our patients. With Remedy growing rapidly to become one of the top providers of telemedicine in the state of Texas, we’re proud to say our efforts have been excellently received and we’ll continue to innovate as much as possible with the ongoing progression of technology.

8.) Encourages Healing

When you’re at home, comfortable in your own domain, you’ll naturally heal quicker due to a lesser amount of stressors affecting your mental and physical well-being. Treat yourself to our telemedicine platform without having to stress about anything.

9.) Reduces Stress

As mentioned above, when your stress levels are reduced, inner-healing is prompted. The bottom line is: nobody enjoys stress. If there’s any way we can help alleviate some of your day-to-day stress factors, let us do so with our excellent telemedicine platform.

10.) Availability Outside Standard Physician Office Hours

If you work a 9-5 style of job, you know how difficult it can be to see a doctor during the standard physician office hours. Let us help you out with our extended hours between 8am – 8pm CST. We’re here for you when you need us most, all from the comforts of home.

11.) More Personal, Without Doctor Visit Anxiety

Several patients will become nervous when entering a medical facility. Reduce the potential anxiety you could experience by using our telemedicine platform. You’ll thank yourself for doing so and be well on your way to healing without even having to leave your doorstep.

12.) All-in-One Treatment Options

Telemedicine has the ability to treat many conditions in an all-in-one style of medicine. Whether you have the flu, an injury, or something in between; Remedy’s telemedicine platform and our doctors will be able to assist you in nearly any way to better your overall health.

Choosing Remedy for Your Telemedicine Treatment

Our platform, its efficiencies, and its overall performance will encourage faster healing times, more affordable solutions, and an overall higher level of healthcare which you’d expect to receive from an in-person, medical facility. Feel free to book an appointment using the button below and you’ll be scheduled to be seen by an excellent, medical professional as soon as possible.

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