4 Back-to-School Hacks That Will Definitely, Probably Work

Back to School

You’re sweating and tired, and the moving car is full of softly rustling retail bags. Your kids are tired of trying on shoes, and you’ve had at least one tense discussion about what “looks good”. This can only mean one thing – it’s almost time to go back to school.

The sweet relief of a former routine beckons, and you ready the troops. In doing so, you consider what you’ve learned so far, and maybe even venture to Facebook (godspeed) to ask for any new insights.

If that’s you, take 2 minutes to consider these lessons learned for a smooth transition back to school:

1. Be a Schedule Enforcer

It’s easy to to lose track of your family’s sleeping and eating schedule during the summer between travel, camp, and pool days. Use the last few weeks of summer to get your family back on track. Eat dinner together, enforce a curfew, and get the kids to bed early. You too, parents! (All those Netflix episodes will still be there tomorrow. Except maybe the Disney stuff.)

2. Practice Good “Sleep Hygiene”

Yes, we’re going to call it that. In order to train the body to get back to “early to bed, early to rise,” sleep hygiene becomes super important. Phones, computers, and tv can all affect sleep schedules. Avoid caffeine and high sugar foods in the afternoon and evening. It’s in the American Academy of Pediatrics’ sleep guide, so it’s legit. We talk more about the downside of bedtime TV watching here.

3. Dr. No

We aren’t suggesting you sunset your summer early, but it’s ok to say no to late night sleepovers, going out, and extra commitments. This makes the transition a bit easier when the kids will have to come home and do homework instead of going out to play during the week. And once school starts, don’t go all New-Year-Resolution-Commitment-Crazy and sign everyone up for all the activities (kids love pottery, right?). Try to ease back into it, and make the most of those early weekends for down time.

4. Set Goals

This is bound to be one of those Habits of Highly Successful People. Talk to your kids about what goals they have for the upcoming year. Make a list. Maybe put it on a wall or a fridge somewhere. Ask them if they’ve thought about it and what their ideas are. Getting the kids goal-focused will help steer them away from end of summer distractions. Plus, it’s their idea now, right?

Have any other back to school hacks? We’d love to hear them.