The Emergency Room, Africa, and the front yard. These three unique places came together to form the idea for Remedy.

While Dr. Jeremy Gabrysch worked as an Emergency Room physician in Austin, he observed again and again how many patients came to the ER that could have been treated at an urgent care, primary care office, or even a simple video call. Why were they coming to the ER? For many, it was all they knew, the only place that was open, or just the closest treatment option to them.

After a few years in Austin, Dr. G packed up his family to serve as the Chief Medical Officer at a 150-bed teaching hospital in an underserved area of Ethiopia. The contrast was stark. Access to care was limited and the local resources to treat were meager by comparison. His teams launched major fundraising campaigns for equipment like CT scanners and ventilators— common, lifesaving tools in the US that were previously unavailable to this hospital in Ethiopia.

His family had put down roots and gotten to know their neighbors in Austin and now Ethiopia. He came to understand the common experience of neighbor-doctors everywhere—the text, the call, or the front yard conversation that starts something like this: “Hey, what should I do about this?”

The simple truth about illness is that it’s uncomfortable and often unfamiliar. Even more so, our neighbors are often perplexed as to where and how to seek treatment. Modern insurance complicates the challenge—“What will this cost me?”—and the data suggests we too often overpay.

So when Dr. G started Remedy, he started with what he found was the most helpful patient interaction, the one with his neighbor, built on trust and uncomplicated access. It reinforced the belief that patients need a guide, a quick accessible touch point to help direct to the most effective and affordable care.

Remedy began in Austin in 2015 with house calls. What could be simpler than a doctor coming to your door? Then, we added video visits available 24/7. And most recently we opened, low-wait walk-in clinics. Like so many other task today, everything is bookable quickly and easily from your phone.

We start with what the patient wants and needs. Remedy’s future will undoubtedly take on new forms, but the goal remains the same: accessible, affordable care that doesn’t force patients to choose between quality and cost. Let’s see where that takes us.